Ape Fit: Home of April Thompson & Socrates the Orangutan

My name is April; some friends call me Ape, a long time nickname that I could say I have embraced. Hence the name Ape Fit.

I am a fitness and nutrition coach serving the Marina del Rey community and surrounding areas. I have loved exercise my entire life. I can’t imagine my life without it!

I am here to serve others and to help them feel better along their journey in life. The older I get, the more exciting it becomes for me and the better I feel. How exciting is that?

Ape Fit is also the official home of Socrates the Orangutan, the Jungle’s Philosopher of Fitness. That’s right! Socrates has left his jungle and traveled to the big city to help families and children learn about health and fitness.

Socrates is dedicated to teaching all youth the importance of living a well rounded and active life. With child and adult obesity on the rise throughout the US, Socrates understands the importance of teaching and encouraging youth from all over. Socrates is the blogger that gives fun tips and tricks to make your fitness journey more fun from an orangutan’s point of view.

This orangutan is Ape about fitness, and he wants you to be too!